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UK to experiment with 4-day week


A test before a bill if successful. Supported by the 4 Day Week Global foundation, the four-day working week will be implemented in around fifty companies in the United Kingdom from June, before becoming law if the project is viable after six months of probation.

To conduct this study in conjunction with 4 Days Week Global, scientists from the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Boston started from the premise that the organization of work has never been optimal in the United Kingdom, with a time of weekly work higher than the European average for much lower productivity.

As of June, around fifty British companies have agreed to introduce a 32-hour working week for a period of six months. If this project is successful, a bill will be submitted to the English Parliament to incorporate the four-day week into legislation, according to the American magazine Fast Company. To support the implementation of this modification of the labor code, the companies concerned by this test will benefit from training from March to May.

In the rest of the world, all the countries that have approved this four-day work week have seen beneficial effects on their companies and their employees, such as reduced stress, increased productivity and fewer sick leaves. For example, in Iceland, 85% of employees voted for this solution by opting for a 32-hour working week.