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TotalEnergies will offer a discount at the pump in rural areas


TotalEnergies will offer a discount at the pump in its stations located in rural areas in France, in the face of the current surge in fuel prices, the energy giant announced on Wednesday.

“At the checkout (customers) will see a deduction of 5 euros for 50 liters, 2 euros for 20 liters, and that in the 1,150 rural stations of TotalEnergies and for 3 months”, indicated its CEO Patrick Pouyanné on RTL.

This discount of 10 cents per liter on gasoline and diesel will be made at the checkout from February 14. It concerns municipalities with less than 6,000 inhabitants and the axes connecting them, as well as the overseas territories.

The prices of road fuels sold in France continued to climb to new records last week, fueled by the rise in crude oil prices: the liter of diesel reached 1.6854 euros on average and that of super SP95 1.7654 euros .

“I think the price of oil is permanently high,” Pouyanné said.

He also came out in favor of the implementation by the State of variable or floating taxation, such as that briefly implemented by the Jospin government between 2000 and 2002.

“I am personally in favor of a variable TIPP; I have always been told that it was complicated to implement, I think it would be a self-regulating phenomenon which would allow consumers to show that everyone everyone is making an effort”, explained Patrick Pouyanné.

TotalEnergies also announced in a press release a “gas check” of 100 euros for around 200,000 of its gas customers in a situation of “fuel poverty”, who have already benefited from government “energy checks” in 2021.

These two measures “represent a contribution of approximately 50 million euros, equivalent to 30% of the margin of the gas, electricity and fuel supply activities in France”, specified the group.

TotalEnergies is due to unveil its annual results on Thursday morning, which are likely to be very high with the surge in hydrocarbon prices.

British groups BP and Shell have already announced big profits, prompting calls for an exceptional tax on the oil giants to help low-income households pay their energy bills.

The environmental candidate for the presidential Yannick Jadot quipped Wednesday on “Total’s charity vis-à-vis its consumers”.

“Do you know why he is doing this? Because he will only release his net profit this year, it is the absolute record, 15 billion”, “Total today makes a lot, a lot of money on the backs of the French” , he judged on LCI.

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