Home News “Toilet Liberators”: When Ukraine’s Official Twitter Account “Trolls” Russian Soldiers (Video)

“Toilet Liberators”: When Ukraine’s Official Twitter Account “Trolls” Russian Soldiers (Video)


Particularly active and often facetious, the official Twitter account of Ukraine once again stood out, this Wednesday, April 20, by publishing a satirical video to ridicule the Russian invader, whose soldiers are notably assimilated by kyiv to ” toilet liberators.”

Through this deliberately provocative short video, lasting about 30 seconds, the Ukrainian authorities want to illustrate in their own way “the disgrace of the Russian looting soldiers”.

On the images, we see the statue of a soldier, Russian therefore, carrying a toilet bowl in his hands and surrounded by crows.

“Russian soldiers have liberated thousands of Ukrainian homes from: combat toilets, armored televisions, combat laptops, tactical headphones, clothing, makeup and thousands of other dangerous NATO items… May their deeds stand forever engraved in the memories”, ironically the official account of Ukraine.

Far from being innocent, the sequence echoes an attack carried out at the beginning of the month by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who, on April 7, accused the Russian military of looting.

Remarks in particular supported by a video shot in a delivery agency in Belarus, an allied country of Moscow, where soldiers of Vladimir Putin are filmed packing dozens of packages bound for Russia.


This other video, lasting three hours, was unveiled by the “Hajun project”, a collective aimed at monitoring military activity in Belarus. Filmed on April 2, it shows Russian soldiers using alcohol bottles, electric scooters or even sound speakers to send them to their own country.