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TikTok: star Luca Itvai stabbed to death while trying to protect his mother


Lucas Pisciotto, alias Luca Itvai, 21, a real star on TikTok with more than 1.5 million subscribers, was killed on Wednesday February 2 by several stab wounds by his mother’s former companion, in Liège, Belgium. The assailant eventually surrendered to the police.

The drama took place in the district of Jupille, in Liège. According to police information, the young Belgian intervened when a violent argument had just broken out between his mother and his ex-companion, a man named “Pietro”. The man was strangling his mother when he intervened. He would then have received several stab wounds, in particular to the throat. The emergency services were unfortunately unable to do anything and Lucas did not survive. The assailant immediately fled.

Known to the police for various offenses and acts of violence, the man finally went to the police station later in the evening. A search was conducted at his home and he is to be brought before an investigating judge on Thursday.

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On social networks, many tributes and testimonies of support for the mother of the young influencer are pouring in: “Rest in peace, you looked so nice and you left showing all your love to your mother. I hope you are well where you are”, “Life is unfair. Too young to die! You died protecting your mother and that, Luca, is an act of courage. You will always be in my heart… What am I saying? In the heart of everyone”, can we read on Instagram and on TikTok.