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The NFT sale of the first tweet in history turns into a fiasco


VS’is a sale which was to turn out to be juicy and which finally flopped. This Thursday, April 14, entrepreneur Sina Estavi relisted an NFT of the first tweet ever published, which he had previously purchased for the tidy sum of $2.9 million. For this non-fungible token (NFT), a certificate of ownership of a virtual and digital object, he hoped to earn no less than 48 million dollars, reports the specialized site Numerama.

Problem: buyers are not rushing to the gate to acquire this little piece of Internet history. In one week of auction, only twenty offers were submitted to Sina Estavi, and for amounts very much lower than the capital gain originally envisaged. The first proposal was only $280, far from the expected $48 million.

Weak auctions

Finally, after a week, the auctions reached, painfully, 2 ethers (a cryptocurrency), or about 6,000 dollars (5,000 euros). This sum represents 0.2% of the amount that Sina Estavi paid to buy this NFT from the tweet of Jack Dorsey, the founder of the firm with the blue bird, calculate our colleagues from Numerama. However, the owner of this digital object had announced his desire that he would donate 50% of the winnings, which he then estimated at around $25 million, to charities. Jack Dorsey had then proposed to him, in an acid way, to bring this percentage to 99%.