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The Ministry of Health publishes the 2022 vaccination schedule


VSn Monday, the Ministry of Health published its vaccination schedule validated by the High Authority for Health (HAS). According to the ministry, the calendar “fixes the vaccinations applicable to people residing in France according to their age and issues general and specific recommendations, specific to specific situations (increased risk of complications, exposure or transmission) or occupational exposure to certain diseases”.

As explained The Parisian, the Ministry of Health still includes a list of 11 mandatory vaccines for children. He adds several recommendations, including vaccination against a bacterium causing meningitis, meningococcus B, in newborns. This vaccine is administered in three recommended doses to children at 3, 5 and 12 months and the ministry also recommends it to relatives “of people at high risk of invasive meningococcal infections”, specifies the health authority “.

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The flu vaccine recommended for breeders

Is also recommended “vaccination against whooping cough in pregnant women, favoring the period between 20 and 36 weeks of amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), in order to increase the passive transplacental transfer of maternal antibodies and to ensure protection. optimal for the newborn”, one can read.

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The Ministry of Health also advises vaccination against influenza to people working in potential contact with avian and swine influenza viruses, while a major epidemic of avian influenza affects farms in the country. “This vaccination is to be considered as a collective protection measure aimed at preventing the transmission of human influenza viruses to animals and not as an individual protection measure against zoonotic viruses”, explains the ministry.

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