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Taliban ban public baths for Afghan women


While the Taliban have regained power in Afghanistan since last August, the situation for women is getting worse by the day.

A new restriction concerning women was imposed, and it was the local branch of the ministry of vice and virtue of the province of Balkh (North) which announced it. From now on, the women of this province, as well as those of Herat, will no longer have access to public baths or hammams. The representative of this ministry in fact decided that this was not correct under Islamic law. Regarding the other regions, for the moment women keep their right of access to public baths, but they will have to go veiled.

Regarding men, Rumi Nematullah Abu Tariq, adviser for religious affairs in Balkh province, quoted by the Pakistani news agency IG News, said that “Private parts of men must be hidden in hammams”, namely from the navel to the knees “.

These new measures are all the more appalling given the current situation in the country: many women do not have running water or the means to buy firewood, while the winter promises to be very harsh in the country. the region. Afghan women may no longer be able to benefit from basic hygiene conditions.

Deputy Taliban Prime Minister appeals to international community

The situation is alarming. The Taliban Deputy Prime Minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, called for help from the international community via a video broadcast on public media, as reported by our colleagues from France 24: “The world must support the Afghan people without a party. taken political and fulfill its humanitarian obligations. (…) In various places people have no food, shelter, warm clothes or money..

The Afghans are very hard hit by the end of international aid, the Western countries having stopped the payment of aid since the disappearance of the former Afghan government.