Home News Sweden: Supreme Court judge sentenced for stealing ham and dumplings

Sweden: Supreme Court judge sentenced for stealing ham and dumplings


She acted in defiance of her duty to set an example. A Swedish Supreme Court judge has been convicted of shoplifting a Christmas ham and meatballs, local prosecutors said on Thursday.

The affair caused a stir in a country where the ultra-transparency of the elites is the price of the population’s trust.

It originated last year, shortly before the end of year celebrations.

The 67-year-old magistrate was then caught red-handed in a store in central Stockholm.

Sausages and cheese also stolen

In addition to a Christmas ham and meatballs (a traditional Swedish New Year’s Eve dish), she had hidden sausages and cheese in a woven bag by covering them with another bag, according to the Swedish specialized newspaper Dagens Juridik.

Flights for which she had been sentenced to a fine of 50,000 crowns (about 4,800 euros), explained to Agence France-Presse Per Nichols, the prosecutor in charge of the case.

The judge resigned from her post in February, when the first press reports mentioned the investigation.

A singular end of career after a long career as a magistrate including two decades at the Supreme Court of the kingdom, where they are only 16 to sit.

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