Home News Spain: a Russian oligarch and his family found dead in their villa

Spain: a Russian oligarch and his family found dead in their villa


Russian oligarch Sergey Protosenya, former vice-president of the gas giant Novatek, has been found dead at his home on the Costa Brava (Spain). The lifeless bodies of his wife and 18-year-old daughter were also discovered in the villa.

The facts date back to last Tuesday. On the move, the son of the Russian billionaire, without news from his family, contacted the Catalan police.

Once there, the police first discovered the body of Sergey Protosenya, hanged in the garden of his city.

Later, the police will find the stabbed bodies of his wife and daughter.

The track of the double murder followed by a suicide evoked

According to local press reports, investigators suspect the Russian businessman of having killed his wife and daughter in their sleep with an axe.

Found full of blood, the weapon was subjected to an analysis, in order to detect possible fingerprints. The oligarch then hanged himself.

However, some elements remain unclear for the police. The first, the absence of a farewell letter in the villa. Moreover, no trace of blood was found on Sergey Protosenya himself.

In order to see a little more clearly, the investigators will also examine the images from the video surveillance cameras of the villa, in order to check if another individual could have entered the property.