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Rising fuel prices and… siphoning flights


Ihe war in Ukraine has driven fuel prices skyrocketing across Europe. In France, prices sometimes exceed 2 euros per litre. Service stations fear thefts and have decided to be extra vigilant in terms of security to avoid fuel thefts and protect staff. But individuals, carriers and businesses with large vehicles are also targets. Recently, a tanker driver was attacked on the A13, near Mantes-la-Jolie, reports The Parisian. He would have been followed after refueling in Seine-Maritime.

If, in this case, the driver was slightly injured and was able to preserve his goods, professionals in the sector fear the multiplication of these attacks, while the price of fuel continues to increase. Individuals are also targeted. The tanks are siphoned and, often, this causes more repairs on the valve or worse.

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“Every time gas prices go up, we see an increase in theft. It’s mechanical,” a policeman told the Parisian.

Sometimes resigned professionals

On recent cars or construction vehicles, opening a tank is not easy, but the most determined thugs are often equipped with a drill (and an electric pump to siphon faster), and the others take revenge vandalizing the vehicle.

On construction sites, it is difficult to secure the site and vehicles. The repair costs to be incurred in the event of acts of vandalism or punctured tanks discourage construction professionals from defending themselves. So many are those who let it go. A professional from Oise explained, resigned, to the Parisian “You have to be proactive: on Monday morning, when you arrive, you have a jerry can, just in case. »

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