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“Please take me with you”: baby found alive in box in Alaska


The story has all the codes of a Christmas tale, even if the truth is much more tragic. A baby was found in the middle of the street in Alaska (United States), in a cardboard box, abandoned by his mother, who only left a letter with him.

A woman named Roxy Lane discovered the toddler on December 31 and shared the story on social media. She even released a video of the letter, where the child can also be seen.

She explained that she discovered the “package” near a row of mailboxes in her hometown of Fairbanks. “Please take me and find me a loving family. My parents are begging you. My name is Teshawn, ”the letter began.

The American immediately took the baby, who was rolled up in blankets, to the hospital. Caregivers believed he was in good health, authorities said.

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Born twelve weeks early

Based on the words of the letter, Roxy Lane posted on Facebook that little Teshawn was born on the very day of the abandonment, around six in the morning, twelve weeks ahead of schedule. “My mom was 28 weeks old when she had me. She is so sad to have had to do this ”, it is written.

While the authorities are now trying to find out who the mother is, the young woman who discovered the baby called for help. “She might need medical assistance. Or maybe she feels abandoned and is in a desperate situation, ”she said. “I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to leave this innocent life on the side of the road, with nothing but a few blankets and a name. But at least she gave it a name. It is a proof of love, even after such a terrible decision ”.

She also felt that the parents were young and did not know the law “Safe Haven” (law “haven of peace”), at work in Alaska, and which allows to drop an unwanted child in a safe place, such as a fire station, a church, a hospital, without having to answer for it.

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