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Pakistan: Daesh claims suicide bombing against a mosque


Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack which hit a Shiite mosque in Peshawar (north-west Pakistan), a few minutes before the start of Friday prayers. At least 56 people were killed.

194 other people were injured in the suicide bombing, Muhammad Asim Khan, spokesman for Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, told AFP.

“I was just outside the mosque when I saw a man shoot two policemen before entering the mosque. A few seconds later, I heard a big bang”, says a witness.

This attack comes as the country faces the return in force of the Pakistani Taliban of the TTP, galvanized by the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since the beginning of the year, the TTP has carried out several attacks, including one against a police station in Islamabad.

Shiites in Pakistan have also been targeted in the past by the regional branch of Daesh.