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New Zealand: Police broadcast “Baby Shark” and “Macarena” on loop to disperse protesters


Crack the demonstrators at all costs. This Sunday, February 13, on a decision of Parliament, the authorities used automatic sprinklers and tried to stun anti-vaccine demonstrators by loudly broadcasting music deemed infernal, such as “Baby Shark”, “Macarena and “Mandy” from Manilow.

Except that it was not to the taste of the police, caught in the crossfire. Because the hundreds of demonstrators, inspired by the self-proclaimed Canadian “freedom convoys”, danced in the mud to these catchy tunes, and fought back with their favorite hits.

The police disagree with the method

Wellington Police Chief Superintendent Corrie Parnell noted that this facetious tactic authorized by Parliament had strengthened the resolve of the protesters.

But police have been forced to adopt a non-violent approach since an attempt to clear the lawns by force last Thursday led to violent clashes that led to the arrest of 120 people.

For her part, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern refused to comment on Sunday’s musical contest, but opposition figures did not hesitate, generously blaming the Speaker of Parliament Trevor Mallard for having approved this measure.