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Map: what is the most widespread political current in Europe?


The second round of the French presidential election is being held this Sunday, April 24. But what are the current political currents in power among our neighbors in the European Union?

Liberalism, visible for five years in France, is quite widespread. This current, which advocates individual freedoms and free trade, is found in particular in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania.


Eastern Europe ranks much further to the right of the political spectrum. The Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia are led by conservatives, as are Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Greece.

Two countries are ruled by the extreme right: Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and Poland and its President Andrzej Duda. Both declare themselves against immigration and LGBT+ rights. They emphasize nationalism, Christian values ​​and the “traditional family”.

Olaf Scholz, Pedro Sanchez and Antonio Costa have called on the French to choose

The Socialists, meanwhile, are at the head of the state in Spain and Portugal. They are also very present in Northern Europe, particularly in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany. Finally, Italy is unclassifiable: the Prime Minister is the independent Mario Draghi, and his government presents both conservatives and democrats.