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Ludmila Tautieva: “The intervention of the United States could be decisive” for the victory in Ukraine


In charge of the reception of Ukrainian refugees in France, Ludmila Tautieva, a Ukrainian living in Paris, was the guest of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach in the Matinale Week-End of CNEWS this Sunday, April 24. The opportunity for this public policy consultant to recall the essential role that the United States could play in this conflict.

While United States Secretary of State Anotny Blinken visited Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky in kyiv on Sunday, Ludmila Tautieva assured that American aid was at the heart of the process so that “the Ukraine can win and emerge victorious”.

A “decisive” intervention

And for her, “the intervention of the United States” could be particularly “decisive” in this victory. Because if Europe has already “helped Ukraine a lot” according to this public policy consultant, the fact remains that the States “have their limits”.

“It’s true that Europe has helped Ukraine a lot, but like all states, we have our limits. Europe has already reached its limits in terms of arms to be delivered to Ukraine,” she underlines, recalling that Europe’s arms stocks were not infinite.

Saying to herself “convinced” that Vladimir Putin “is not going to stop there”, that is to say in the south of Ukraine and in the Donbass region, and that his ambition is focused on whole country, Ludmila Tautieva believes that a victory for Ukraine would be a collective victory.

“And this victory will also clearly be the victory of democratic states over autocracy and over what Vladimir Putin is installing in Europe: that is to say, terror and total division”, he said. she so explained.