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Losing weight could hurt couples, study finds


Contrary to what one might think, losing several pounds is not necessarily beneficial for the balance of your couple. According to an American study, such a physical change in one of the partners could indeed harm the romantic relationship.

Before reaching this conclusion, researchers Lynsey Kluever Romo and René M. Dailey, who published their work in the journal Health Communication, interviewed 21 couples, whose relationship lasted more than two years, and in which a of both partners experienced significant weight loss, namely at least 14 kilos.

Aged 20 to 61, the volunteers answered a series of questions about communication, health, and even their sexuality. As a result, even if the weight loss in one of the two spouses motivated the other to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it above all created tension and an imbalance.

less good sexual understanding

More specifically, scientists from the Universities of Texas and North Carolina explain that some participants felt harassed by their partner to lose a few pounds as well and were criticized for their physique. This survey also shows that in some cases it can improve the quality of sex life, but in others, it can deteriorate.

The change in personality of the thinner subject, who tends to assert himself more, can also be harmful to the couple’s understanding, underline the authors. Another lesson from this study: this situation can cause a feeling of insecurity, rejection, jealousy and mistrust in the spouse who sees his other half change in appearance.