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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Joe Biden promises NATO “response” if Russia uses chemical weapons


A month after the start of the Russian invasion, the conflict is bogged down. While Westerners fear a chemical attack, NATO has warned Moscow. US President Joe Biden is traveling to Poland on the Ukrainian border this Friday. Follow the latest information live.

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US President Joe Biden travels to Poland on Friday, in a city near the Ukrainian border, on the front line of the Western commitment against the invasion launched by Moscow, which looks more and more like a war of attrition.


US President Joe Biden on Thursday promised for the first time a NATO “response” to the conflict in Ukraine if Russia resorted to chemical weapons there, a risk deemed very real at summits of the alliance and the G7 gathered in Brussels after a month of a deadly and devastating war launched by Vladimir Putin.


The Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated that the government of President Jair Bolsonaro was “clearly opposed” to the idea of ​​excluding Russia from the G20, as suggested in particular by the United States.