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Italy: a false blind man who received 170,000 euros in aid surprised at the wheel of a car


This Wednesday, December 15, an Italian, who was posing as blind to the state, was arrested while driving a car.

Since 2008, the man has received more than 170,000 euros after declaring to be “totally blind” due to congenital problems.

Ten years later, the police were alerted for the first time, when the forty-something had had his driving license renewed.

Under police surveillance since then, he has been caught on several occasions using his phone while driving, staring insistently at the windows of a shopping arcade or, quite simply, teaching his daughter to ride a bicycle. .

Nicknamed “Berlusconi”, he was notably known to the police services for having been convicted in 2020. A sentence of 15 years in prison at first instance for belonging to a network of scammers. The group staged fake accidents in order to collect insurance money.

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This conviction is currently under appeal.

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