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Holidays in Europe: in which countries is it hottest in winter?


Where can you find a little warmth without going too far? This is a question that a good number of French people ask themselves, and more particularly during this period when the cold sets in. And in Europe, some countries are spared and keep pleasant temperatures.


The French do not necessarily need to cross borders, since Nice and Marseille are among the warmest European cities in winter. With temperatures remaining between 8 and 12 ° C on average during the month of January, they can easily reach 15 ° C or even more as of March.

If Marseille accumulates more than 2,800 hours of sun per year, Nice can also be proud of 2,694 hours of sunshine recorded per year, according to Geo.

Portugal and Spain

Going further down to the southwest, Portugal and Spain are warm and perfect destinations to recharge your melanin pigments. The Portuguese region of Algarve offers a comfortable climate with temperatures that can reach 18 ° C in winter, and in January it is even possible to enjoy the beaches or even the cliffs and coves of Faro.

In Seville, in the south of Spain, summer can be “hardly bearable”, on the other hand winter seems to be a perfect compromise thanks to relatively correct temperatures ranging from 17 to 19 ° C, which offers a mild weather. Malaga too can compete with its neighbor, since it has 320 days of sunshine per year. And with its beach and sea, one could almost believe in a summer period.


Further east, Sicily and southern Italy are well exposed to the sun’s rays. Although it happens that a few days of rain come to invite themselves among the Sicilians, the temperatures remain generally spring. Just like in Sardinia and on the Italian coasts bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, which in addition to benefiting from a mild climate, exhibit a sky filled with superb colors thanks to the sunset.


Greece is also one of the European destinations to be favored in winter. Moreover, its capital, Athens, is one of the hottest cities between November and February since the mercury sometimes climbs to 24 ° C. It is best to visit Greece and its islands, such as Crete, in winter, since in summer the heat can be stifling. And it is also rarer to meet tourists there.


Same thing in Cyprus, which welcomes more people in July and August. And even if during the summer, the temperatures remain quite bearable, winter is such an ideal time. The weather is dry and temperatures hover between 12 and 19 ° C, which attracts travelers in search of mildness.


Finally, the island of Malta is home to the warmest city in Europe in winter. Moreover, the temperatures of Valletta are pleasant all year round. While in most European countries temperatures can be below zero between December and February, the thermometer in Malta’s capital can display up to 17 ° C.

Despite a few small showers in January, the sun is never slow to be felt. Moreover, Malta can easily seduce thanks to its historical monuments, not to mention its magnificent landscapes and transparent waters.