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Health pass: big tensions between Boris Johnson and the conservatives


Storm warning for Boris Johnson. 99 conservative parliamentarians voted against the health pass proposed by the Prime Minister, which ended up being adopted… thanks to the votes of the Labor Party.

It is the biggest debacle ever for a British head of state. If the health pass was voted with a majority of two hundred and forty-three “yes”, the conservative camp did not come out unscathed. This bill, which stipulates that everyone must present a health pass to go to public places, has been violently received by a large part of the British right which condemns the very principle of the pass and criticizes the lack of freedom – and coping – associated with it.

Not to mention the friction that already exists between the Head of State and certain members of Parliament, who reject his way of governing, more particularly the management of the Covid since the start of the crisis.

Labor Party leader Sir Keir Starmer commented on the mutinies in these terms: “A violent snub vis-à-vis an authority already at half mast for the Prime Minister. This confirms that Boris Johnson has become too weak to govern ”. Health Minister Gillian Keegan, for her part, admitted that conservative parliamentarians had to face “difficult decisions” and that their rejection of the pass stems from the fact that they received only “partial information” from the share of scientists on the Omicron variant.

A few Conservative parliamentarians have expressed their annoyance. This is the case of Sir Charles Walker for example, who explained to the BBC that if the right will continue to be behind and to support Boris Johnson, this mutiny translated a “cry from the heart” to defend individual freedoms.