Home News Germany gets green light from Israel and US to purchase anti-missile shield

Germany gets green light from Israel and US to purchase anti-missile shield


The Israeli-made Arrow 3 Iron Dome missile shield is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles at an altitude of over 100 km. Germany will get one.

According to information from the Jerusalem Post, the plan to purchase an anti-missile shield by Germany has been validated by both Israel and the United States.

Developed by the IAI company with Boeing, it is used “for short-range threats”. “The Arrow 3 is the most relevant system for the threats hanging over the European nation,” noted Lieutenant-General Ingo Gerhartz.

European industry harmed

The Arrow 3 Iron Dome (nicknamed “iron dome”) can stop the course of missiles with a range of up to 2,400 km. This missile shield has already been sold to a foreign country, according to the Jerusalem Post.


But Germany’s choice to procure one too is seen as a blow to the European arms industry. The country has already made the choice several times to arm itself outside the Old Continent.

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Recently, Germany notably invested in 35 American-built F-35 stealth fighters. It also plans to equip itself with American combat helicopters, the AH-64, to the detriment of the Franco-German Tigers.

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