Home News War in Ukraine: Russian soldiers accused of looting Ukrainian civilians

War in Ukraine: Russian soldiers accused of looting Ukrainian civilians


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused the Russian military of looting. Remarks in particular supported by a video shot in a delivery agency in Belarus, where Vladimir Putin’s soldiers are filmed packing dozens of packages bound for Russia.

The video, lasting three hours, was unveiled by the “Hajun project”, a collective aimed at monitoring military activity in Belarus, an allied country of Moscow.

Filmed on April 2, it shows Russian soldiers using alcohol bottles, electric scooters or even sound speakers to send them to their own country.

Possibly stolen items

In total, the looting would represent between 50 and 450 kg of household appliances, clothing, tools and various equipment, even if there is no evidence that these objects would have been recovered in Ukraine.

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Ukrainian intelligence immediately reported, on Facebook, the resale of products stolen from Ukrainian civilians by these same soldiers.

“As Russian troops withdraw from the kyiv region after suffering immense losses, they are looting the homes of ordinary people,” the spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reacted on Twitter on March 31.

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