Home News Germany: 50-year-old dies after unknowingly drinking ecstasy in restaurant

Germany: 50-year-old dies after unknowingly drinking ecstasy in restaurant


A 52-year-old man died after unknowingly drinking champagne with ecstasy at a restaurant in Weiden, Bavaria, Germany.

Other people attending the same party as the victim felt bad right after drinking from the same bottle, Bild reported.

Five men and three women aged between 33 and 52 were rushed to hospital, where the 52-year-old died later that night.

According to prosecutor Gerd Schaefer, toxicological analyzes revealed that the champagne contained a “high concentration” of ecstasy.

The public prosecutor’s office in Weiden has opened an investigation for manslaughter, assault and battery and violations of the narcotics law.

some of the customers were writhing in pain

Investigators are trying to determine how, where and when the bottle was tampered with and who knew about it, the prosecutor said.

After drinking the adulterated champagne, some of the patrons were writhing on the restaurant floor, screaming in pain, local radio reported.

The condition of the seven other people hospitalized no longer inspires concern.

According to the German daily, the offending champagne came from a three-liter bottle opened for the victims’ table. Some customers have immediately reported a “chemical” or “strange” taste after taking a sip.