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“Flurona”: what we know about this double infection with influenza and coronavirus detected in Israel


A new disease under surveillance. “Flurona” is not a new variant of the coronavirus, but the contraction of two pathologies that are covid-19 and influenza (“flu” in English).

This term is used to describe a patient affected by both viruses simultaneously. As in Israel, where an unvaccinated pregnant woman was admitted to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

First case ?

This Monday, January 3, Israel confirmed its first case of “Flurona” on its territory. According to their information, it is an unvaccinated pregnant woman who presented mild symptoms. According to The Times of Israel, this double infection was discovered during hospital tests.

However, this is not the first case in the world. According to this local media, cases of “flurona” have already been observed in the United States in 2020.

A “twindemic”?

Now, the Jewish state fears the possibility of a double epidemic, called “twindemic” in English, which could strike the country, as people over 60 years old are called upon to receive their fourth dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus.

Indeed, hospital services fear an increase in hospitalizations because the combination of influenza and covid-19 affects the respiratory tract each time.

“It’s the same disease. Both attack the respiratory system, ”said Professor Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the gynecology department at Petah Tikva hospital, quoted by The Times of Israel.

An increased risk?

The Israeli health authorities are currently already overwhelmed by patients suffering from the flu on one side and the Covid-19 on the other. In recent weeks, the country has seen a spike in influenza cases, with nearly 2,000 people hospitalized, according to The Times Of Israel.

Among the most serious cases, a 6-year-old child with myocarditis (an inflammation of the myocardium, the heart muscle Editor’s note) died and a 31-year-old pregnant woman also died after giving birth, due to respiratory complications. .

Also, in this context, analyzes are underway to determine whether this new disease could cause severe forms.