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Fight against anti-vax: European tour of measures


In recent weeks, the vaccination obligation has gained ground in Europe. Overview of measures to fight against anti-vaccines.

With Austria in the lead, its implementation is announced in mid-March. Those who refuse to be vaccinated could pay a fine of 600 euros, every three months.

Greece has already taken this measure for those over sixty: by January 16, the recalcitrant will have to pay the sum of 100 euros per month.

Latvia, for its part, has chosen to restrict work. An employer can now place an employee on forced leave, without payment of salary, or even dismiss him after three months, if he is still not vaccinated.

Xavier Lemoine, mayor of Montfermeil, strongly criticized the government's action in the coronavirus crisis

Across the Atlantic, the Canadian Prime Minister said unemployment benefits would no longer be paid to unvaccinated people who lose their jobs.