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DIRECT – Coronavirus: more than 2,500 patients in critical care, concerns about hospital pressure


Many countries, including France, are facing a fifth wave of the epidemic. Six regions have already activated the “white plan” to reduce tension in hospitals. Follow all the news related to Covid-19 in France and around the world.


Hospital pressure linked to Covid-19 is not weakening in France where more than 2,500 people are currently treated in critical care services, according to figures released on Saturday by Public Health France.

In the last 24 hours, 787 people with Covid-19 have been admitted to French hospitals, bringing in total to 13,855 the number of Covid patients hospitalized in France. Since the end of October, the number of hospital admissions linked to Covid-19 has been climbing daily.


A judge of the Supreme Court of Brazil decided on Saturday to make compulsory the presentation of an anti-Covid 19 vaccination certificate for travelers arriving in the country, in order to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant.

The decision has yet to be validated by nine other judges of the Federal Supreme Court. Brazil’s health regulator Anvisa had recommended requiring a health passport for travelers arriving in Brazil, where at least eight cases of Omicron have been confirmed and where a larger influx of tourists is expected for the holidays. end of year.


The French health authorities authorize the preventive use of an antibody treatment against Covid-19, in people whose body is resistant to vaccination, provided that they present a high risk of severe form.

Evusheld is a synthetic antibody treatment developed by the AstraZeneca laboratory.

Unlike most anti-Covid antibody treatments, which are intended for patients already hospitalized to prevent them from a very serious form, Evusheld aims to act before the onset of the disease, on the same principle as a vaccine.