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Demorand – How to find the line without (too) depriving yourself


L’winter is over and some of us are coming out of it with a few uncomfortable curves. If the pounds of winter weigh as much on morale as on the scales, don’t panic, there is still time to remedy it. For this you will need to change your diet, practice some physical activity and get down to getting enough sleep. However, be careful not to do anything! It is not a question of undertaking a slimming diet which would result in causing a loss of “lean” mass, that is to say muscle mass, but rather of reaching fat mass in the hope of refining the silhouette and find comfort in clothes.

The objective is set: to destock the fat. Fat weighs much less than muscle, daily weighing is a mistake not to commit at the risk of becoming discouraged, because the objective is not to lose pounds in cascade but to improve your waistline. If you want to materialize your progress, there is a simple method: the test garment. We all have something we feel comfortable in when we’re at our ideal weight. And if you like numerical data, then invest in a scale equipped with an impedance meter which will be able to objectify the evolution of the fat mass.

Prefer meals with a low glycemic index

There are a myriad of different diets, some aim to exclude fats – lipids –, others sugars – carbohydrates –, but also an incalculable number of more or less fanciful methods. Let’s say it right away: eliminating fat is not a good strategy, because slimming will take longer and a diet low in fat is particularly harmful to health. As you will have understood, it is on carbohydrates that we are going to move the cursor in order to achieve the long-awaited objective of the summer. For this, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the glycemic index of foods, that is to say their ability to raise the level of sugar in the blood and therefore insulin.

A diet that is too rich in foods with a high glycemic index will promote the storage of fat and will be a risk factor for the appearance of many diseases of civilization such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Among the most commonly consumed foods with a high glycemic index are all sweets, pastries and white flours (white bread, white pasta). If there is no question of eliminating carbohydrates from the diet, we will rather reserve them for the second part of the day, after 4 p.m., in order to respect the rhythms of nutritional chronobiology.

Breakfast should be as high in protein and as low in carbohydrates as possible. Ideally, it will consist of at least two portions of protein to be chosen from the following list: 1 egg, 50 g of ham (or Grisons meat, smoked salmon), 100 g of cow or goat yoghurt, or sheep. For bread addicts, you will have to make do with 30 g of the most complete bread possible, preferably buttered, because butter lowers the glycemic index, and complete with a portion of protein. Finally, vegetarians will find their happiness in the consumption of half an avocado or mashed almonds. We avoid fruits at breakfast, especially in juice, and we ensure good hydration (water, coffee or tea without sugar).

At lunch, it’s “no limit” on vegetables cooked in all possible forms. We will accompany them with proteins, 200 g of fish or shellfish, ideally fatty fish from cold seas such as salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel or halibut. For meat dishes, it will be necessary to turn to poultry and not exceed 150 g. Those who have adopted a vegetarian diet can eat tofu, a food very rich in protein. Starches and fruits are excluded from lunch, as well as alcohol. We do not forget olive oil and rapeseed oil on vegetables, it gives flavor and the health benefits are well documented.

Almonds, dark chocolate and red fruits

The snack is a fundamental meal not to be skipped. This is an opportunity to eat a handful of unsalted dried fruits (walnuts, almonds) accompanied by a little dark chocolate and 150 g of low glycemic index fruits. And as nature is well done, it’s the season for red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries) and they tick the box, so treat yourself.

Finally, the dinner should ideally be vegetarian with again vegetables at will accompanied by complete starchy foods (complete or semi-complete pasta and rice). But if the craving for protein is too pressing, then starchy foods should be replaced by the same proportions of meat or fish as at lunch.

The key to success: sleep and physical activity

It is unthinkable to hope to refine your silhouette without worrying about your sleep. With an equivalent dietary pattern, those who sleep 8 hours a night will lose weight better and more than those who sleep only 6 hours, so it is essential to ensure that you have sufficiently long nights. In addition, regular physical activity is essential for sustainable weight management. To destock, it should ideally be practiced in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes of brisk walking, running or cycling are more than recommended.

We will never be reminded enough, take the time to eat, chew food, it allows you to better digest and maintain your intestinal flora, the importance of which is known today in obesity problems. Finally, do not deprive yourself of a glass of wine but prefer dinner, it will be all the more comforting as it will stimulate serotonin. It’s your turn !