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Dakar protests to Ukraine for its recruitment of volunteers


This week, Dakar signaled its dissatisfaction with Kiev, inviting it to cease all recruitment of Senegalese to fight in Ukraine after the enlistment of thirty-six people.

A week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims to have “learned with astonishment the publication on March 3 on the Facebook page of the Ukrainian Embassy in Dakar of an appeal to foreign citizens to help” the country.

According to the ministry statement, Ambassador Yuril Pyvovarov was “immediately invited to the Foreign Ministry for the purpose of verifications and authentication of this publication”. He confirmed the existence of this publication, adding that thirty-six candidates had come forward.

an “illegal” practice

Dakar “strongly condemned” this practice, recalling that the recruitment of volunteers, mercenaries and foreign fighters on Senegalese territory is “illegal”. Senegal thus “urged the embassy to immediately withdraw the appeal and cease without delay any procedure for enlisting people of Senegalese or foreign nationality from Senegalese territory”.

On Wednesday, during the vote at the UN to demand that “Russia immediately cease to use force against Ukraine”, Senegal abstained.

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