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Croatia: Dog saves mountain hiker by warming him up


Life saves thanks to man’s best friend. Stranded in a ravine after a fall in the middle of the mountains in Croatia on Tuesday, January 4, a hiker was saved by a dog, who lay on him for hours to warm him up until the arrival of help according to the reports. local media.

Originally, three hikers with an eight-month-old dog attempted to descend the icy slope of the Velebit Range near the Adriatic coast in Croatia last weekend.

Perched near the highest peak of the massif culminating at 1,800 meters above sea level, Grga Brkic fell in the company of his cousin’s dog over a distance estimated at 150 meters.

In his misfortune, the hiker had an incredible chance: getting stuck in a ravine with an Alaskan Malamute, known for their bushy fur and endurance.

“This little dog is a real miracle”

Blocked for nearly 1 p.m. due to snow, ice and trees destroyed by landslides, the injured man was able to count on this dog called North to warm up and not die of hypothermia.

On the photo posted on Twitter, we can see the canine curl up on the unfortunate man and prevent him from certain death due to the cold. “This little dog is a real miracle, nice, nice, maybe he loves people more than other dogs,” his owner told the local daily Jutarnji List.

Ebola, Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, received the title of

“North wrapped himself around the victim and warmed him up. From this example, we can all learn to look after each other, ”the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) analyzed on Facebook.