Home News Covid-19: Thailand asks couples to wear a mask on their Valentine’s Day

Covid-19: Thailand asks couples to wear a mask on their Valentine’s Day


Respect barrier gestures even in privacy. In Thailand, the health authorities have invited the population to be tested against Covid-19 before Valentine’s Day, but also to keep their mask on, even during sex.

“Covid is not a sexually transmitted disease, but you can catch Covid by breathing closely or exchanging saliva,” warned Bunyarit Sukrat, director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health. That’s why he recommends that couples take an antigen test before meeting for a romantic evening.

Health authorities also recommended avoiding “face-to-face sex positions and deep kisses”, and strongly recommended mask-wearing during sex. More broadly, wearing a mask is also recommended outdoors, as well as maintaining physical distance, especially with the elderly.

Last year, Thailand made the same recommendations, fearing there might not be enough vaccines to stem the outbreak. Today, according to data from CovidTracker, around 70% of the Thai population is fully vaccinated.

This nasal spray acts as a barrier to prevent the coronavirus from spreading to the lungs.

The meteoric increase in contamination since January with the Omicron wave, however, forces the government to multiply warning messages against the epidemic, and to encourage screening tests. Despite the large number of infections, the number of deaths linked to Covid-19 is in sharp decline.