Home News Coronavirus: Quebec on the way to taxing the unvaccinated

Coronavirus: Quebec on the way to taxing the unvaccinated


Quebec is preparing to toughen measures against those who refuse the vaccine by implementing a new tax only for the unvaccinated.

The government of the French-speaking province of Canada wants this “health contribution” to represent a “significant amount” which is still under discussion. A measure that would not affect people not vaccinated for medical reasons.

According to Quebec Prime Minister François Legault, the 10% of Quebecers who have not received any vaccine dose to date must not “harm” the 90% who have been vaccinated.

“It is not for all Quebecers to pay”, he hammered during a press conference, speaking of a “financial burden for all Quebecers”.

Certain prohibited businesses

The Quebec Prime Minister explained that if unvaccinated adults only represent 10% of the population, they account for 50% of people in intensive care, a situation “shocking” according to him.

A few days ago, Quebec had already announced that certain non-essential businesses would be banned for non-vaccinated people, starting with its stores selling alcohol and cannabis.

Quebec, which has again put in place very restrictive measures to fight the Omicron wave, is one of the first places to consider specific taxation for those who refuse the vaccine.

the pressure increases on the unvaccinated

This measure would come in addition to that of the Canadian federal government, which is studying the possibility of depriving unemployed Canadians of unemployment benefits who refuse to be vaccinated.

In many other countries, the pressure on the unvaccinated is growing. In France, the government wants to institute a vaccine pass. In Austria, vaccination will be made compulsory for those over 14 in February, while in Italy, only those over 50 are affected by the obligation. In Asia, Singapore no longer covers the medical costs of coronavirus patients who have refused to be vaccinated.

Hit hard by the new Omicron wave, Quebec has reintroduced many restrictions since December 31, including the curfew from 10 p.m. and the ban on private gatherings. Hospitals suffer from a chronic shortage of staff and are already saturated.