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BMW K 1600, the (great) journey continues


The chronological verdict

Born, and rather well born, in 2010, the K1600 is a machine cut to swallow the kilometers, in the comfort of a living room. Everything exudes quality and power, thanks to its extremely smooth six-cylinder engine. A beautiful beast, although a little heavy…

The concept

The K1600 was born twelve years ago, with an elegant pencil stroke. It was reborn in 2017, redesigned and sharpened. Five years later, in 2022 therefore, the Euro 5 standard forced BMW to adapt its big six-cylinder, and to redesign its line, which is still as elegant as ever. Changing to the emission standard could have weakened the engine; it is not so, on the contrary. The front-mounted six-cylinders gain a bit of character: maximum power is reached – 1,000 rpm – earlier than the previous engine (160 hp at 6,750 and no longer 7,750 rpm), and torque is reinforced a bit of muscle (180 Nm instead of 170). The Bavarian manufacturer has taken the same care with comfort, which remains the foundation of a motorcycle of this kind, available in several versions (GT, GTL, B and Grand America). Some examples ? The saddle is faultless, the windshield rises and lowers in a slight slide from an electric command, and the TFT screen, always so beautiful and complete at BMW, displays a wealth of information (pressure of the tires, instant fuel consumption, radio, maps, etc.). Small trick: you can, on four buttons placed on a fairing side, set up to eighteen shortcuts (radio stations, heated grips, etc.). With two large side cases, a large tank (approximately 26.5 l) and the appetite of a bird, the K1600 takes its pilot very far: the autonomy is some 350 kilometers!

life on board

Very often, the first thing you notice when getting on a motorcycle, apart from the visual aspect, is the sensation created by the first turns of the wheel. With its approximately 340 kilos placed quite high (more, in any case, than on the Honda Goldwing), this initial feeling is a little negative. However, it fades quickly. As with the majority of heavy two-wheelers, the K1600 quickly makes you forget its overweight. As soon as it is launched, it becomes agile like a bicycle – we are exaggerating a bit. It’s only the front fork that sometimes disturbs, at low speed, because it’s a bit heavy. For the rest, assisted by a universal joint, the cycle part is perfect; the machine is like placed on a rail, swallowing up the miles of highway or the big curves without hesitation. Braking is also impeccable, like the driving position, well wedged behind the large windshield. If the engine is remarkably flexible, leaving on a light throttle without hiccuping at 1000 rpm, it is however a little stingy in sensation. He takes turns with joy, giving the impression of being assisted by an automatic gearbox, but with the temperament of a family man. The weight of the machine is probably no stranger to it. Moreover, if the quality of Bavarian finish is perceptible everywhere, from the TFT screen to the wiring through each small knob, it seems that the engine is not completely reliable. Several owners of K1600, therefore of the old model, have complained of a little too frequent visits to the garage.

The opinion of the Point Moto

In the family of big road cars, the Yamaha FJR is no more. So only remains on the road for the road, or almost, the Honda Goldwing and the BMW K1600 (the Harley-Davidson range is aimed at a slightly different clientele). The Bavarian has for her a quality of finish without reproach, and a general impression of seriousness. The engine probably delivers less aggressiveness than its Japanese counterpart, but is it really necessary when you aim, first, for a long, smooth trip?

BMW K 1600 GT

Engine: straight-six

Displacement: 1,649 cc

Power: 160 hp at 6,750 rpm

Torque: 180 Nm at 5250 rpm

Tank: approx. 26.5 l

Weight: 343 kg

Price: from 27,440 euros

WE love


The quality of finish

Ease of piloting

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The weight

The price

Improvable reliability