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Afghanistan: 9-year-old child stuck in a well for 2 days


Since last Tuesday, a 9-year-old boy has been stuck in a 25-meter deep well in Shokhak village in Zabul province, Afghanistan. Rescuers are carrying out an operation to save him.

“A team is there with an ambulance, oxygen and other necessary things,” said Abdullah Azzam, secretary to Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Ghani Baradar, on Twitter.

He also gave information about the child, whose “health is good and who sometimes asks for food and water”. The exact circumstances of the child’s fall are not yet known at this stage.

Thursday, in videos posted on social networks, we see the young Haidar sitting stuck in the well, his shoulders against the wall. He seems to be able to move his arms and upper body slightly. The images were obtained by a camera lowered with a wire into the cavity.

In one of the videos, we hear the child crying and moaning and in another we hear him talking with his father, in a more distant voice.

Avoid the collapse of the well

Excavators opened large trenches in the earth to try to access the well.

Also on Twitter, Ahmadullah Wasiq, one of the Taliban spokespersons, assured that the relief was at work to “to ensure that the child is not injured by the collapse of the well”.

“The Ministry of Defense is ready to deliver equipment by helicopter if necessary,” he added.

The accident is reminiscent of that in early February in Morocco of little Rayan, 5, who fell to the bottom of a dry well and was found dead after five days of rescue efforts. The drama had caused considerable emotion, amplified by social networks, in Morocco and around the world.