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War in Ukraine: “We are entering an unprecedented food crisis”, says Emmanuel Macron


“We are entering an unprecedented food crisis,” said Emmanuel Macron during his press conference at the NATO summit on Thursday.

The Head of State considered that other countries, “in the Near and Middle East, and in Africa, are themselves very dependent to feed their population on what is produced today in Ukraine and Russia”.

Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of being solely responsible for this food crisis.

“It is the direct consequence of the choices made by Russia and the war, which mean that countries like (…) several others in the Maghreb and in Africa, today have difficulty obtaining supplies of wheat and more largely in cereals”, hammered the Head of State.

A serious situation in 12 to 18 months

To measure the extent of this crisis, Emmanuel Macron cited in particular the example of Egypt, whose imports are 80% dependent on Russia and Ukraine.

“This situation will be even more serious in twelve to eighteen months, it will create extremely serious humanitarian situations and for sure massive political consequences in several countries”, he explained.

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