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War in Ukraine: the pope castigates the Russian invasion and wants to go there


Traveling to Malta this Saturday, April 3, Pope Francis strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, where he plans to visit soon.

While speaking in Valletta to Maltese President George Vella and the diplomatic corps, Pope Francis said a few words about the war in Ukraine. He denounced “the seductions of autocracy” as well as “the new imperialisms”. According to him, these elements pose the threat to the world of an “extensive cold war which could suffocate the life of peoples and generations”.

“Some powerful, sadly locked in his anachronistic pretensions of nationalist interest, provokes and foments conflicts” explained the pope, referring to Vladimir Putin, without naming him. The sovereign pontiff says he is ready to go to Ukraine, and to respond to the invitation of Volodymyr Zelensky who had asked him to play the role of mediator between kyiv and Moscow.

During his speech, the pope denounced a war that aggravates “the migration crisis” and called for “global and shared responses”.

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He continued by criticizing the countries of the European Union which would not be favorable to the idea of ​​welcoming refugees: “It is not possible for certain countries to take charge of the whole problem in the indifference of the others”.

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