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War in Ukraine: the front page of Time written for the first time in Ukrainian


Time magazine unveiled, Thursday, March 3, its new cover in the colors of Ukraine, in support of the tragic events currently taking place in the country.

No, it’s not a montage this time. For the first time in its history, Time, created in 1923 and famous for its effective covers and its “personalities of the year”, wrote in Ukrainian on the front page of its magazine. “Life will prevail over death and light will prevail over darkness”, could we read yesterday, on the cover of the American weekly.

A sentence that could have come straight out of a movie but which was indeed pronounced by President Zelensky himself, during a speech in front of the European Parliament on March 1st.

The often diverted “Time”

A week earlier, a “false cover” of the American weekly, showing the face of Vladimir Putin covered with Adolf Hitler’s mustache had been widely relayed and had created a surge on social networks.

It is “Patrick Mulder”, a Welshman, who is at the origin of this assembly. He had shared his own version of the cover over the weekend, believing “that the official choice lacked inspiration“, without thinking that it was going to take on such a magnitude. He also clarified that he “never wanted people to think it was real”.

The more days pass, the more Kiev continues to be asphyxiated by Russian troops, despite the aid provided by the West. Yesterday, the Russian army took another step, capturing Kherson, a city of nearly 300,000 inhabitants in southern Ukraine.