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War in Ukraine: he follows the movements of Russian soldiers thanks to his stolen Airpods


Thanks to the “Locate” feature offered by Apple, a Ukrainian man decided to track down the Russian soldiers who had stolen his AirPods from his home, and thus follow their steps in real time.

Vitaliy Semenets lives in Hostomel, a town less than thirty kilometers from kyiv. During the looting of his home by Russian troops, the man was notably seen stealing his AirPods.

However, he decided to take advantage of this situation by using the “Find” feature, which allows you to find lost devices. Thus, the Ukrainian was able to find out where his headphones were and indirectly… the Russian troops.

If he could be satisfied with the information, Vitaliy decided to publish it on his Instagram account. Data that could prove useful for the Ukrainian forces.

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He thus realized that his AirPods had crossed the border with Belarus, before reaching the city of Belgorod, to, according to information from the Times, prepare for the assault on Donbass.

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