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“Walk of shame”: in China, 4 people humiliated for non-compliance with health rules


The authorities are intractable in China and want to make it known. Four people accused of breaking current anti-Covid rules were forced to take part in a “shame march” through the streets of Jingxi City.

On Tuesday, the four men had to parade through the streets, handcuffed and dressed in a white jumpsuit. Each, escorted by two policemen also dressed in white outfits, carried a sign with their name and a photo ID, local media reported.

This “walk of shame” was imposed on them for trying to smuggle migrants into China, despite the border closures due to Covid-19. This type of public humiliation, used by the communist regime in the past and banned in 2010, has been revived as one of the disciplinary measures used to punish people who do not respect sanitary rules.

Certain newspapers thus rejoiced that this event served as a “warning” to the population, while others, such as Beijing News, denounced a “serious attack on the spirit of the rule of law”.

China has taken very strict measures to achieve the elimination of the presence of Covid-19 on its soil. Quarantines are mandatory when arriving in the country (international flights are limited), massive screenings are carried out and when a case is detected, strict containment is applied, as at this time in Xi’an, where 13 million inhabitants do not have the right to leave their accommodation.