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United States: she gives birth to her baby in her Tesla in autopilot


An American from Philadelphia gave birth to her baby in an autopilot Tesla car.

The facts occurred on September 9 in Pennsylvania (United States), reported the Philadelphia Inquirer. Yiran Sherry lost his water in the morning and got into the Tesla with her husband, Keating Sherry, at the wheel and their 3-year-old son in the back. Direction Paoli Hospital, about a 20-minute drive away.

However, the family found themselves stuck in major traffic jams. The 33-year-old woman was feeling stronger and stronger contractions and the couple then realized they would not be able to reach the hospital in time.

Keating, 34, therefore activated the vehicle’s autopilot. He stayed behind the wheel to keep an eye on the road. The 30-year-old also asked his wife to shake his hand while reassuring their son.

“Oh my God, Keating, she’s out”

“And suddenly, as we were about to pull up at the hospital door, she said, ‘Oh my God, Keating, she’s out,'” the father told US media.

When they arrived at the hospital, a doctor and a nurse were waiting for the couple. The medical team cut Maeve Lily’s umbilical cord in the car.

A great story as Tesla is under investigation by the NHTSA after a series of accidents. The “Autopilot” driving assistance system is particularly targeted.

The fact that Tesla is testing new driving assistance features in real conditions with ordinary drivers without having specific authorization is also fueling controversy.

Tesla also recalled a few thousand Model 3 and Model Y in June in the United States to inspect and tighten, or even replace, bolts in the brake calipers.

Tesla rules out technical failure

Last Saturday, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, a man, a taxi driver for 25 years who lives in Essonne and who was not on duty, lost control of his Tesla electric taxi with his wife and daughters on board. The accident left one dead and 19 injured, according to the latest report retained by the investigation.

The driver was indicted on Wednesday and the investigations were entrusted to investigating judges. They will have to determine, based in particular on technical expertise, whether the accident is the result of human error or of a technical failure.

The G7 taxi company is shutting down its Tesla drivers.

As a precaution, the G7 taxi company announced on Tuesday to shut down the 37 Model 3s in its fleet, a model similar to the vehicle involved in the accident.

Tesla, which has access to certain technical data, has ruled out any technical failure of his car.