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United States: Nearly half of warehouse accidents occurred at Amazon in 2021


Nearly half of the work accidents that occurred in 2021 in American warehouses took place in structures of the giant Amazon, according to a report by a labor organization.

The Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), a coalition of U.S. labor unions, says Amazon logistics center workers suffered more than 34,000 “serious injuries” in the workplace last year, twice as many as the rate. than that of American warehouses not belonging to the group. Of the number of industrial accidents in warehouses in the United States, 48% took place on Amazon sites.

This report aims to show to what extent the promises of the Amazon group on the reduction of injuries and accidents at work among employees are still far from being kept. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon relaxed some of “its disciplinary methods,” according to the SOC, but “reinstated its control systems and pressure to production in late 2020, and the injury rate increased significantly. in stride”.

As the number of employees and locations increases, the injury rate at its facilities has increased by 20% between 2020 and 2021. Workers at Amazon facilities suffered nearly 40,000 injuries in 2021. Data that does not correspond not the promises of Jeff Bezos, who had said in a letter to shareholders that it was necessary to “do better” for his employees.

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