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United States: missing for three years, a teenager found “by miracle” in a gas station


In the United States, in the state of Utah, a 19-year-old young man, who had disappeared three years ago, was found “miraculously” in a gas station.

In September 2019, Connerjack Oswalt, was reported missing in California, in the southwestern United States.

As the investigation stalled, residents of Summit, Utah, 1,000 kilometers from California, repeatedly reported the presence of a homeless man with a cart near a gas station .

It was only after several attempts that the police managed to get in touch with the young man, who died of cold. After a fingerprint check, the identity is revealed: it was indeed Connerjack Oswalt.

A real nightmare”

While continuing their investigation, the police realized that the young man had been missing for three years.

Connerjack’s parents have been contacted. The latter had moved to Idaho Falls, the hometown of their son, in the hope that he would return one day.

In the local press, Gerald Flint, Connerjack’s father-in-law, did not hide the “real nightmare” experienced by the family for three years.

The young man, who suffers from autism, would have run away from home at the age of 17. The reasons for his disappearance are under investigation.

Although he has seen his parents again, Connerjack is currently in the care of social services.

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