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UFO: airline pilot posts excellent video


Images divide. An airline pilot claims, video in support, to have seen on December 7, flying a fleet of UFOs, tens of thousands of meters above the Pacific Ocean. First published in The Mirror newspaper, the video created an uproar on social networks, with netizens shouting at aliens and other potential invaders.

While there are thousands of UFO phenomena each year, that the CIA has even declassified all of its “UFO files” and that these appearances are sometimes inexplicable, it is important not to be fooled because there is a large difference not to say a chasm between “UFOs” and “extraterrestrials”.

Olivier Sanguy, specialist in aeronautics and editor in chief of the space news site of the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse, explains that “UFOs have always existed. They are unidentified flying objects, which means that one cannot have a true opinion on what they are, since as their name suggests, they are “unidentified”. “

He also adds, in view of the ambient conspiracy that surrounds this issue and the reactions that the video (to watch below) aroused, that “popular belief is constantly confusing” UFOs “and” extraterrestrials “. However, this is nonsense because extraterrestrials are identifiable by definition. This confusion lies in the fact that through cultural representations (films, literature and others), we have given a face to extraterrestrials and we have blurred the lines between these representations and “UFOs”, which are phenomena that the one cannot clearly identify. “