Home News This Pokémon card sold for 900,000 dollars, a record

This Pokémon card sold for 900,000 dollars, a record


Pokémon cards are still popular. And some people are willing to spend astronomical sums to get their hands on it. Like this enthusiast, who bought an extremely rare card at a record price.

Goldin Auctions, the company responsible for the auction, has recently announced that it has sold a collectible card for 900,000 dollars, or just over 800,000 euros, making it the most expensive Pokémon card of all time.

The collector has become the lucky owner of a Pikachu “Illustrator” card dating from 1998 and in very good condition (rated 7/10). In this one, the little yellow creature is surrounded by drawings of other Pokémon and is holding art supplies.

According to the specialist company PSACard, this card only exists in 40 copies. In early February, when the copy was first auctioned, the base price was set at $75,000.

Until then, the world record was held by another Pikachu Illustrator card. It was sold last year for 375,000 dollars, or around 340,000 euros.