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The prices of diesel and SP 95 go back above 2 euros


Sccording to official figures published on Monday 28 March, the prices of road fuels sold in French service stations have started to rise again, with the liter of diesel and Super SP 95 rising above 2 euros. The liter of diesel, the best-selling fuel in France, was worth an average of 2.1165 euros per liter, up 14.10 cents compared to the previous week, according to data from the Ministry of Ecological Transition stopped on Friday.

However, this is slightly less than the weekly record (2.1407 euros) reached earlier in March. The Super SP 95 was worth 2.0042 euros (+ 3.05 cents) and the SP 95-E10 1.9670 euros (+ 3.36 cents) last week. Before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices at the pump were already on the rise and had been breaking records for weeks, against the backdrop of a global economic recovery and still limited oil extraction from major producing countries.

But the Russian offensive pushed crude prices to new heights. In order to cushion the shock for motorists, the government has announced a discount of 15 to 18 centimes including tax per liter of fuel at the pump, starting Friday and for four months.