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The price of diesel soars by 14 cents in one week


VSonflict in Ukraine obliges, the price of diesel flies away everywhere in France and in Europe, consequence of the Russian stranglehold on a large part of the oil consumed by the continent. This past week, the price of a liter of diesel has thus increased by 14 cents on average in France, according to official figures published on Monday, March 7. In detail, the average price per liter of diesel reached 1.8831 euros, an increase of 14.16 cents compared to last week.

The liter of SP95, meanwhile, flies up to 1.8889 euros (+ 7.56 cents). Finally, the SP95-E10 is experiencing an increase of 7.16 cents this week, reaching 1.8713 euros. Before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, prices at the pump were already on the rise and had been breaking records for weeks, against the backdrop of a global economic recovery and still limited oil extraction from major producing countries.

But the Russian offensive pushed crude prices to new heights. The price of a barrel of Brent from the North Sea came close to 140 dollars on Sunday evening, close to its all-time high of 147.50 dollars dating from July 2008. Faced with the worsening of the war in Ukraine, the United States is considering ban imports of Russian oil. A possibility under discussion with the European Union. Germany, for its part, opposes an embargo on Russian gas, oil and coal.

Faced with the inflation of energy prices, the French government is ready to take “more” measures to support household purchasing power, but if necessary, these will be “targeted” responses, indicated Monday the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.