Home News The French hotelier Accor justifies its presence in Russia

The French hotelier Accor justifies its presence in Russia


Asked this Saturday, April 2 at the microphone of France Inter, Sébastien Bazin, CEO of Accor, explained why his group was still present in Russia.

According to him, the French hotel group renders “extremely precious, even essential” services in Ukraine as in Russia and does not contribute to the Russian invasion because it “does not pay taxes” in Russia. “I don’t make money there, so no one can tell me that I’m financing the war,” said Sébastien Bazin.

The French businessman added that he “does not pay taxes because[il] lose money.” “We are at 32% occupancy rate while we are starting to earn money at 55%”. “We are present in difficult times all over the world, Accor has never in 50 years closed a hotel in a conflict zone”, continued Sébastien Bazin. “Collaborators are the only thing I care about, if they are not there we cannot function. I have 3,800 of them in Russia in 55 hotels of which I am not the owner but the manager and therefore responsible for these employees”.

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no penalties provided

He added that “the service we provide in Russia is extremely valuable, even essential for the media, charities, foreign delegations who come to negotiate on the spot. If we close, you will no longer have any witnesses there”. No sanction is envisaged by the group for Russian customers.

Sébastien Bazin thus responds to the voices calling for the departure of French companies from Russia, while many multinationals (including Microsoft, Ikea and AirBnB) have already left the territory.

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