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Sweden: several police officers injured during a new demonstration against the far right


In Sweden, protesters against the far right took part in clashes with the police on Friday, April 15. The authorities deplore at least nine injuries to the heart of the police.

Denouncing the intention of a far-right group to burn a Koran, more than 200 demonstrators clashed with the Swedish police. In the evening, the police indicated a “total of four injured” in their ranks before the toll increased at the start of the night. Minor injuries were reported by a law enforcement spokeswoman as “broken arms and policemen who were hit by stones”, she told local daily Aftonbladet Diana Qudhaib.

The head of government condemns the attacks

Magdalena Andersson, head of government in Sweden, strongly condemned the attacks and outbursts on the sidelines of the demonstrations. “In Sweden people are allowed to express their opinions, whether they are in good or bad taste, it is part of our democracy. No matter what you think, you should never resort to violence. We will never accept it,” she told TT news agency.

Magdalena Andersson also mentioned Rasmus Paludan, leader of an anti-immigration and anti-Islam movement called “Hard Line” who is currently organizing a tour targeting neighborhoods with strong Muslim communities in Sweden. Gatherings during which he burns a Koran at each appearance. A character who seems to crystallize the tensions in the country.

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