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Sport in winter: how to motivate and protect yourself?


Lhe thermometer shows barely 3 degrees this morning and you have only one desire: to stay glued to the sofa all day. Error, it’s time to take advantage of it! The cold is a precious ally for health. Jogging, cycling, skiing, tennis, horse riding, practicing a sports activity outdoors when the temperatures drop can eliminate tension, relieve stress, in short, to feel better. Because the cold activates blood circulation and promotes venous return. It also forces the body to burn more calories than usual to maintain its temperature at 37 degrees.

It also has a beneficial effect on the skin since it tightens the pores and turns the cheekbones pink. In addition, as soon as the thermometer drops, the activity of viruses and bacteria becomes more limited. Ditto for allergens. No more question of finding bad excuses! But beware, before stepping outside, there are a few rules to follow. You have to protect your skin: it is the first organ that the cold torments and it is the most extensive. The skin represents an area of ​​almost 2 m2 and a weight of 3 kg in an adult of 75 kg. Under the effect of the cold, the thickness of the stratum corneum decreases and the skin becomes drier, especially since in winter, we are less thirsty and we necessarily hydrate less regularly. Children as well as adults, it is therefore necessary to coat their face and ears with protective cream and put moisturizing balm on their lips. When skiing, sun protection is mandatory, to be renewed at least every two hours.

Great cold: how to recover after the effort?

A good outfit and a good warm-up to counter the cold

You have to wear suitable clothes: to play sports in the best possible conditions and avoid the “sauna” effect, remember the rule of 3 layers for the upper body. A synthetic first layer, while a cotton t-shirt retains moisture. Then a garment that retains heat, such as a sweater or fleece jacket. Please note that wool fibers are twice as heavy and less breathable than fleece fibers. Finally, as a third layer, opt for a waterproof windbreaker. For the lower body, jogging pants or long tights. And terry socks, which allow the feet to breathe properly. Do not skip a hat and a pair of gloves, it is through the extremities that the heat of the body tends to be evacuated the most.

Extreme cold: how to equip yourself for sports?

Finally, you have to warm up well: a step not to be skipped, because a good warm-up reduces the risk of injury. In winter, it should be twice as long, because the muscles take longer to warm up. Do not forget to drink before, during and after exercise! After which comes comfort. Quickly, a hot shower or bath to really relax the muscles and a small square of chocolate, dark of course… Why? Because (all the same), you have fully deserved it!