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Seasonal flu: why it’s making a comeback


On would have almost forgotten her. It must be said that for two years, she had not given any news, or so little. The flu, for a few weeks, has been remembered in our good memories. All regions of the metropolis have exceeded the epidemic threshold. And the virus continues to progress. Since last week – from March 23 – consultations for flu-like illness have jumped by 51%. 18.8% of calls to SOS doctors are justified by this same syndrome (+ 3.3 points). All in a context where the cases of Covid, again, are soaring.

A France with the flu, nothing unusual in itself. Unless you look closely at the calendar. Because an influenza epidemic in 1er April sounds like a bad joke. “The epidemic, this year, is delayed by two or three months, notes Philippe Sansonetti, inf…

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