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Prince Andrew filmed without his knowledge by Jeffrey Epstein?


Present at the trial for sex trafficking of Ghislaine Maxwell in New York, Sarah Ransome claimed that Jeffrey Epstein was filming his guests, including Prince Andrew, on all of his properties.

After the complaint filed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre last August against the Duke of York, whom she accuses of sexual assault when she was a minor, the name of Prince Andrew keeps coming up in this affair which embarrasses the family British royal for several years now. The publication last week of photographs showing Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Espstein on the Balmoral estate in Scotland, where they had been invited by Prince Andrew to visit in 1999, had already caused much ink to flow in the English tabloids.

This time, it is Sarah Ransome, one of the accusers of the deceased billionaire, who explains that Prince Andrew, like all those who frequented Jeffrey Epstein, were most certainly filmed without their knowledge, whether in his luxurious apartment in New York or on its private island (known as the “orgy island” by the locals) in the Caribbean. Videos recorded by hidden cameras. “One day, I lit a cigarette. And Jeffrey, who hated smokers, came out of nowhere, ”she told the British site The Sun.

Sarah Ransome, who had tried to flee the island by swimming, despite the shark-infested waters, after being raped for three consecutive days, also explains that she was stopped by Ghislaine Maxwell and security agents. “I had chosen a remote location on the island on purpose, but they arrived almost instantly,” she recalls. “Jeffrey once told me, ‘I have recordings of all the people who set foot on my properties,’” she continues. She adds that Jeffrey Epstein had installed tracking software on his cell phone.

Let justice be done

For Sarah Ransome, the guilt of Ghislaine Maxwell in this whole affair is beyond doubt, and she is convinced that she will be found guilty of the facts with which she is accused. “She allowed Jeffrey to do what he was doing. I think she’s evil. She’s a narcissist who believes she hasn’t done anything wrong. To her, we were nothing. I hope that justice will be done, ”she says.

The daughter of the press magnate Robert Maxwell has been imprisoned since the summer of 2020 in New York, a year after the death in August 2019 in her cell of her former companion, the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual exploitation of dozens of minors and for which she is suspected of having played the role of “reel”. She faces life imprisonment.